Monday, October 27, 2008

Disko to D-Day

It was fun. Yesterday night was fab. Disko Darurat was excellent. To all those who attended (you know who you are) it was one helluva night. Glad to know I'm on the dancefloor with Diedethians who can really fucking floor it!! Cheers lads.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wakey, wakey ...rise and shine.

Hello children, this is your pastor speaking. As you all know, this blog has been rather dead and when I mentioned 'dead' , I meant the crawling webs of a cyber spider around this blog and its chatbox. The only thing that seems to be doing well is the music chart, courtesy of mods. Still, if you think I'm going to ramble about how life has been, well I'm going to surprise you by not doing so. I now ramble about things that are a pain in the arse for the 'rakyat of TOA'. Firstly, may I congratulate TOA admin for doing a surprisingly good job at the beginning of term. You finally listened to our pleas and came up with a system of a sort. Now what we need next is an online portal for students to check their results ONLINE. Yes, don't be daft to think that we students have no internet access, if you must know...our connections at home/rented-room are faster than the ones TOA provide in school grounds. So get working!

If you don't know, our former HAD lecturer is in Shanghai. I have no real details except her greetings to everyone to keep everything going. I do honestly hope that the earthquakes have not taken a toll on her journey and we all wish her the best of luck in what she's currently pursuing. Kudos to Bryan for joining the MM team, annihilate the rest because you know who you are and what you're capable of. I've receive word that Amir is back on track with a lucky lady beside. Congrats mate...hope you'll do well this term. David, good to have you back mate. It's been a while since we've really talked, I'm glad you're back on track. I honestly do not know what will becometh of 'Diedethians' but I do know that we're right on track and it is our job to do our damn best in all that is put before us. For those of you who may think that everything in life is now mundane, don't give up. Nothing is easy in life, it's the journey that matters. So have fun while progressing towards the next phase. I do not carry a lot of wisdom instead I carry with me the wisdom of all the people that I've met in my journey through life. It is their words that I speak and preach, not my own. Maybe one day I may pass these words to others as I continue my journey. You are all gems and unique is every way, don't ever let things that cannot be controlled beat you. It's a fucking game, online game. Things you cannot control are AI,connection speed, game map and of course, other players. What you can control is your own ability and you will be the one to decide how you will play this game. Skills can be developed and intuitions sharpened, never ever forget the main element of the game; HAVE FUN! Similar in life, in everything that you do, never forget to have a bit of fun. We're all here on this planet not for ourselves only, but also for others. What's gaming without team work?

Whatever you take, be sure to sow back into the world. We, designers have a unique voice in this chaos of a world. Use that to its ultimate advantage. We're the one to speak when nothing can be said, we're the beacons when others are lost. Find your own voice and say it with everything that you've got. Material things of the world are always temporarily. Everything you consume, is being paid dearly by others. So remember that it is our duty to sow back the resources into the world. If everyone takes, soon there will be nothing left to be taken. Wisdom cannot be obtained without experience, so go out and experience life. Every day is a new one full of life and opportunities. So make the best of it. You ONLY live ONCE.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Change is finally here!

This is the 100th post and I'm proud to dedicate this post to the change that our country has opted for. Congratulations rakyat, we've finally made our voices heard. Enough is enough!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the fucking news!! Kudos to Rin for keeping me updated and I know many Diedethians know that this is a brand new start and I'm looking forward to see how this will all work for our progress and the progress of the nation as well. We, the rakyat, are no longer denied our voices and our rights. If you have reached the legal age for voting, this is how you can use your right and make your voices heard. Register and see to it that your rights are used properly. By not bothering to vote, means you are denying your right as a citizen, as a voice, to be heard by the government. You don't have to be involved in political science to vote, if you're not happy by the way things are run in your area; VOTE to make your opnions HEARD! This is how it works! Our voices, the voices of the younger generation, and new voters are important because WE will be the ones to inherit our nation's future! So let's ensure that when we take over, there is still a nation left.


Change is finally here!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Karaoke Night

Okay, because Chris said this and Zheng said this and I said this and we all said something which ended up with a whole lot of round-a-bouts, so MIGHT AS WELL SETTLE IT HERE.

We plan on going Karaoke at Red-Box this coming Tuesday (Night, most likely).
If you are interested, please let me know.
And Scott and Zafri, you are wanted for Belaian Jiwa :P


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Last Week Gathering

Celaka, this Chen leaving by Friday. Hahaha.
Anyway, I was suggesting that we all should get together next week for a dinner?
Just us, Diedethians, all out for a little dinner. Just a small one?
Perhaps before next Friday?
If people are interested, I'll try to organize a small one ;)

And, please, please:
Come support us at Berjaya Times Square on the 15th and 16th of December (Next Saturday and Sunday)! We're selling our fanart and artwork in Comic Fiesta, so it would mean a lot to us if you come and visit our booth (Don't really have to buy anything, as long as you support us and manage to lure some unlucky looking idiot who seems to have a whole lot of wad of cash to buy us)....
*cough* I mean:
It would mean a great deal if you come visit us for this event.
Jon, Ting, Mandy, Dann and I would be very happy. Yao Wei, Valerie, Jo and Cheezy too! :D
*gives kow-tow*

Notify Chris if you're interested.
Our class band may finally commence. Huzzah :)


Thursday, November 08, 2007

The more you consume the less you live!

Yes, is I, again. This is a very brief introduction to something that I think is important and good for most people if not everyone. On the 24th of November 2007, will be 'Buy Nothing Day'. Yes, a day of 'no buying' and giving consumerism a break. As you all should know, we humans tend to over consume and take much more away from Mother Nature than what we give back. Most of us buy,buy,buy and have no idea how it affects the ecological system in the long run. Sure, you might say that buying a newspaper is NO BIG DEAL. Well, the thing is we cut down lots of trees for newspaper and you must know that we cut trees down faster than we recycle paper. You must understand that it's not the buying that bad or harmful, it's just a way of taking a break from our buying habits. It's a way of taking a stand against consumerism where we are expected to spend more and more money on things we hard even use. For a day, try doing something different for a change. Make a commitment to consume less, recycling more and challenging corporations to clean up and be fair. It is true that modern consumerism in many ways offer a great deal of choices, but this shouldn't be at the cost of the environment or developing countries which includes us, Malaysia.

You might laugh it off and wonder if one day is going to make a difference. The point to this event is not for you to just stop buying but to rethink about the items you buy. It is for you to question the impact it has if you buy it and how it affects the environment and other third world countries as well. Always question the products you buy and think twice about whether you really need it before picking the item up. Less consumption means we can not only save money but also save resources as well. Shop less, Live more!! Take a break from being enslaved but big corporations who are out to get your money. YOU should be in charge, not them! You're the one with the cash, so spend it wisely. I'm thinking of putting up 'buy nothing day' posters around sunway so I need some a few pair of hands. Let me know if anyone is interested. For more information here's the site to go.

As always, I leave you lot with a clip...this is a promotional ad for BND 'buynothingday' 2006.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just when you thought I've completely shut me trap up about TOA, well you were wrong. Reason behind my constant lagging is of course none other than, TOA,in itself. I have to make this short and simple so let's start with my review of the event. First off, GET A BETTER MC. Having a lad and a lass paired up in topshop clothes (which is not so appropriate might I add) blabbering away instead of getting audiences attention is the first sign of their inability to control the crowd. You two should be dressed up in customes to fit in with the event, not stand out like a pair of meerkats in the bleeding Arctic circle. Next thing, Fadzil...I love you,my friend and I'm sorry your band didn't work out. As far as I know, you guys just murdered the songs and I know it for a fact because MCR fans told me it was not good. I don't even listen to fucking MCR (which is dropping by KL in December), so I guess there is no need for me to mumble any more about it. Next, the Space Cadets. Reminds me of this programme I watched on Channel 4 on British telly, which was an elaborate hoax by the way. Pretty much the same way how we got our 'Angkasawan'. Nevertheless, I did not have a good first impression of the band due to the reviews I heard from Merdeka celebration. They were the criminals who murdered one of my favourite Britpop tune, Song 2. So they've wised up ever since and instead did a rendition of '1979' to Rin's horror.

OK, this is how it goes. Hafiz, if you or any of your cadets are reading this please be reminded that I am only saying this to help you improve. SING DAMNIT! NOT FUCKING MUMBLE! I can't even fucking hear the title of the song '1979' which might I add is what one should hear! Next, I actually liked your 'Island in the sun'. That I will call a 'cover' because I may not be a big Weezer fan but I guess it's a good choice as oppose to 'All The Small Things'. Then you had to fucking do it! Why do you murder British tunes? What have you got against the British music scene?! Why'd you let the guitarist sing 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'? She obviously cannot manage her vocals, let alone sing. Plus, the beauty of Beatles is their ability to sound candid and pure. This 'rendition' is anything BUT. This is where a harmony back up vocal would come in handy. Not too serious, yet pleasant sounding. The biggest crime of them all to this set is to add a BLOODY FUCKING pop tune! OKOK, so Beatles are Pop too but they are classics! Ri'whateverthefuckhernameis'na is NOT! Singing 'Umbrealla' is the biggest mistake to your set. Decide on your fucking art/music direction!! If you're going pop then start with pop! If you're going all 90's indie then DO ONLY that! I shall reserve Beatles as a trump card because as I have said, they are classics and they go with any set.

So the costume competition has becometh a 'Cosplay' event. Yet, the judges stayed true to the spirit of Halloween, and picked two scariest characters. Dressing up as a 'LaLa' boy/girl DOES NOT make you scary! So don't fucking tell me that you look like a J-Rocker because J-Rockers DO NOT look like that. This is because I have Japanese friends who are REAL J-rockers and you wouldn't even make the rock bottom of the pool. You have insulted them and their culture and I DO NOT take that lightly.

*Sigh* Finally here goes Chris's review of that fateful night. Spoken, I have.